100% Natural Perfumes

No. 8 Essentials earliest product is a range of 100% natural solid perfumes. They’ve been refined a bit over time to the current range of six unique fragrances, with natural liquid perfumes coming too. Each is a complex mix of high quality essential oils, carefully crafted to create a lasting fragrance. The base is an all-natural mix of plant oils and butters, with New Zealand beeswax. Plus the magical manuka essential oil, giving it a real NZ twist. Synthetic vs. Natural Virtually all commercial perfumes rely heavily on synthetics and many people react adversely to them. While a small number of people can be sensitive to natural ingredients it is much less common. No. 8 Essentials have met many people that claim to have problems with perfumes, only to try ours and be fine with them.

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Meet The Range

Neroli & Sandalwood Description to come very soon!
Rose Garden Description to come very soon!
Frangipani Description to come very soon!
Spring Bouquet Description to come very soon!
Sweet Jasmine Description to come very soon!
Spiced Vanilla Description to come very soon!